Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sista, I've got it all

114 days til graduation. By the end of this quarter and by the time spring quarter starts, it'll be less than 100. This year has swept by. I can remember spring quarter and the summer just like it all happened last week. The memories are still fresh, but not fresh enough to feel like it had happened yesterday.

It's amazing.

More and more lately I've been becoming more aware of my surroundings. When you're stuck in one place for so long or all of your life, you begin to wonder what's on the outside. You don't appreciate what you already have because it's the only thing you even know of. But when you finally venture out and see what else is out there, you see new things and enjoy them, but at the same time you realize how lucky you've been all along.You compare the two, and pay more attention to the minute details of what you already had. There is beauty in everything.

I remember watching 20/20 when I was younger and people with split personalities were being interviewed. I remember being so fascinated by the whole phenomena. How can a person have two completely different identities? The brain is crazy. Somewhat relatedly, I've been wondering how it's possible to want to have things that are totally contradictory to each other. What does that mean? Is it possible to have both? Or do you only think that you want both, but in reality you only want one and don't really realize it yet? OR is it possible to have a combination of those totally contradictory things?


"When you are grateful, it is impossible to focus
on the negative and you instantly start shifting
towards a positive point of view with will automatically
start to make you feel good."

Gratitude takes practice. Life is good.

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