Sunday, February 21, 2010

I want letters

I remember always loving to get envelopes addressed to me. Going to the post office and and checking our PO box was the greatest thing ever. I would always ask my mom if we could go to the post office...she never understood why. Just going into the super old post office and opening our vintage-y PO box was just so exciting. Letters, at a time when bills were non-existent at that age, always meant good news. It was the best form of communication. Phone calls, on the other hand, which I still hate to this day, always meant some matter of urgency, some bad news. I liked letters in that there was no sense of urgency...because really if it's urgent news you wouldn't send it via mail. It's always a phone call. Letters, simply put, were just chill (?).I even thought that letters were just pretty--they were just so...formatted....?

To this day letters still have that same meaning. And they still are pretty. At the peak of law school admission decisions coming in, I'm checking our mailbox religiously. It's almost like an addiction. Since January I've gotten a plethora of letters--all of them thus far with good news. Offers of admissions AND money. That's a pretty damn good combo.

This month the flow of law school letters has slackened. With each mailbox opening and seeing only a stack of advertisements, I walk away disappointed. I promise myself that I won't walk towards the mailboxes for at least a few more days, hoping the end result would be a huge stack of letters, at least one of them coming from a law school congratulating me as part of the fall 2010 entering class.

"Next time...there'll be something for me."

There's absolutely no point to this post. But after receiving a generous 31k scholarship from a school that I'm no longer interested in, I can't get my mind off of getting (hopefully) more acceptances and thinking about the future. Schools are sending out waves of acceptances/rejections, and I'm so excited to get mine.

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