Thursday, March 1, 2012

I can't believe it's been a little more than a year since I last wrote in here. I completely forgot about this blog. But now that I'm feeling weary and a bit defeated, I needed a place to turn to. Hence, here I am. Writing helps. It always does.

2L is seriously proving to kick my ass. That whole thing about "First year, they scare you to death; second year, they work you to death; third year, they bore you to death" is definitely true so far. I'm working, studying, writing, and getting very little sleep. I use my time well--I'm writing this when I have a midterm to study for, a draft to revise, an article to edit, and surely some cover letters to write. Nice.

Speaking of cover letters, why do I NOT have a summer job lined up???? This is driving me insane. Hopefully the small-firms fair (conveniently on the same day as when everything else is due) will give me something next week. But seriously though, please don't give me something at a personal injury firm. Accidents happen. Get over it.

Emotionally, here is where I'm at right now:
1. Tired
2. Stressed
3. Drained
4. Scared
5. Sometimes sad

Not really the greatest things to be feeling, especially at once. I'm tired, stressed, and drained for obvious reasons. These are all emotions that I'm sure 95% of my classmates are feeling right now. I'm scared because of a few things, and sad for some of the same reasons. But really, I think they're just being magnified (probably not the right word...but I can't even think right now) because of the first three, although they still would exist if I weren't so tired and drained. I need to stop thinking about things.

I need some motivation. I feel so uninspired.

*Edit* Oh, well...I guess I wrote in here during the summer. But it's been a year since what I was thinking. Ha.

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