Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's All Routine

I wrote a blog post with the same exact title nearly three years ago. I cannot believe it's already been three years since I wrote that post. I was moving out from the house that I lived in for about 16 years. Everything was in boxes, bubbled-wrapped, taped, and newspapered. The walls were stripped of paintings, pictures, and mirrors. Dead spiders were shriveled in the cracks between the wall and floor. I was sitting on the stool in the kitchen because all the chairs and desks were already gone. The house even smelled different, like it was never lived in for the past 16 years. It was hot.
That summer was also the summer that my parents finally divorced. It was probably the most emotionally-draining summer of my entire life. Everything was changing so dramatically and so quickly. I was moving out of my house, I was starting college where I would live in a completely foreign place, and my parents were finally divorcing and starting entirely new lives. Although I had been waiting for this for years, for some strange, unexplainable reason I was absolutely dreading it. I didn't want anything to change. I wanted things to stay as they were. I'll admit it: I was depressed, angry, and hurt.

But I soon realized that it's all routine. Even though life is full of change, there really are some things that stay the same. Changes are a part of everyday life. Worries are a part of everyday life. They come and they go. It's all routine. You develop pitiful worries and drama in your life, but in three months, or maybe even in one month, it won't even matter anymore. Why? Because you'll be worrying about something else that's seemingly as dramatic as your previous worry. Then you'll back at that previous worry, laugh embarrassingly and think "Wow, that was nothing compared to this!" Then the cycle repeats itself. It's all routine. Once you realize that it's simply all a part of life, you realize that it's just not worth it to worry so much. Knowing that it's all going to work out in the end, you wonder "Why bother?" Why waste your energy? Take that energy and do something meaningful and happy with it.

Another thing I've been wondering about is change. There are people who just can't handle it that well, who just get too bogged down with the memories and the routine. Then there are some who claim to "love" change. I wonder about those people. I honestly believe that even those people have trouble adjusting to new things at least sometime. Isn't it possible that if they're loving the change, they just didn't love what they had in the first place? If you really did love something, wouldn't you not want to change it?

I say all of this with my final quarter of undergrad now in session. Summer's running up fast, and for the first time ever, I'll most likely not spend it at home. Then in August I'll be starting law school (big, big change), where I will experience the most hellish year of my life. I enjoy what I have now for sure, but new memories are always brewing in the future no matter what happens, no matter what kind of change occurs.

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